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Our Network Infrastructure

Alps HOST maintains data centers in USA and CANADA as described below :

The SAVVIS backbone network

SAVVIS has engineered its network around a single platform - AS3561 - which enables one global IP backbone, rather than regional Autonomous Systems stitched together. That means that once data gets on the network, it’s a single BGP hop to the global network node nearest its destination. This minimizes the number of router hops and reduces the risk of downtime when traffic has to traverse multiple networks.

Some of our international competitors support services on multiple continents through joint ventures and partnerships. SAVVIS owns its own network - there are no joint ventures that may affect performance and support.

A single AS means:

Customers are only one hop away from content hosted on the SAVVIS network
Access to all of the routes on the Internet
A single end-to-end Service Level Agreement

Network features include:

Based on industry-leading Juniper core routers and Cisco equipment specifically designed for the needs of Tier 1 "carrier-class" customers
OC-48/OC-192 backbone trunks, supporting MPLS protocol
AS3561 is consistently rated over time as having the lowest latency, lowest packet loss, and highest reliability
SAVVIS firmly segregates Layer-2 (transmission) and Layer-3 (routing)
Layer-2 is ATM-based for traffic management
Core network is designed for “zero” packet loss
SAVVIS is moving to more efficient MPLS Layer 2 protocol

The graphic below illustrates our USA peering locations. SAVVIS primarily peers in Chicago, Seattle, Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas, New York City, and San Francisco.


The SAVVIS Global AS3561 IP backbone has peering connections with 13 Tier 1 US and five Tier 1 European backbone providers. SAVVIS has built new OC-3 [STM-1] and OC-12 [STM-4] for a total of 26GBps connections to its largest direct connect peers, thus providing faster and more reliable access to their networks. With these enhancements, SAVVIS is able to allocate sufficient bandwidth to each peer, aiding in effective capacity planning.

In Europe, SAVVIS maintains pan-European private peering connections at LINX, PARIX and AMSIX operating at STM1 or higher speed with GTS/Ebone, Infonet/AUCS, UUNET AS703, Teleglobe and KPNQwest/EUNET. Additional European peering connections are under consideration.

These connections will provide our US customers with direct access close to 100 percent of the global address space and our European customers with direct access to 90 percent of the European address space. The benefits to SAVVIS customers include: faster access, minimum AS hops, lowest possible packet loss, and a better ability to plan for future growth for ISPs that peer with the SAVVIS IP backbone.

With an aggressive peering plan, including peering agreements with the largest Tier 1 backbones, SAVVIS is one of the leaders in the industry in finding efficient ways to route IP traffic through our network and beyond.

With the globalization of the Internet and SAVVIS' response of expanding the US based IP backbone to a truly global backbone under one AS3561, peering has become increasingly complex and the established peering policies have been amended. SAVVIS has formulated a global peering policy to maximize the benefits of peering to our customers and also provide equitable treatment of our peering partners.

In addition to its peering relationships, SAVVIS has direct transit connections with over 1,300 ISPs in the US and 100 direct connections to ISP's in over 70 countries. In peering and transit arrangements, SAVVIS' global AS3561 stands for quality, unsurpassed in the industry.

SAVVIS is a Tier 1 ISP that offers both IP connectivity and e-business solutions to enable global corporations to quickly reach their desired Internet content. To offer our customers efficient access to destinations that reside outside of SAVVIS’ Global IP Network, peering has been established at select major cities where our backbone nodes are present. In the USA, we have established peering relationships with the four other Tier 1 ISPs: AT&T (ANS), Genuity (GTE Interlink), UUNET (WorldCom), and Sprintlink.

As is the case with all Tier 1 ISPs, SAVVIS is prohibited from peering directly with any network outside the USA; however, our 270 transit relationships with 80 countries will provide the customer with excellent connectivity to overseas markets. We peer with five pan-European Regional Tier 1 networks including: UUNet (WorldCom), Ebone (GTS), AUCS (AT&T and Infonet), EUNET (KPN/Qwest), and France Telecom (which includes Global One and Equant), providing SAVVIS customers access to 90 percent of all European routes. In Asia, SAVVIS is establishing similar peering connections in Japan to provide similar route coverage. Once these peering arrangements are in place, no other Tier 1 ISP will be able to match SAVVIS’ global peering coverage.

Data Center:

256,000 sq ft building
38,000 sq ft data center
No advertising of DataBank name (plain wrapper)
Security managed 24/7 by permanently assigned staff managed by a third party security company

Zoned Access Throughout Data Center

Biometric hand scanner requires ID card access and hand geometry measurements
Customer data center access and contacts managed via C-Cure management system
Current government-issued picture ID required
Second hand scans to gain access to raised floor Biometric scanner captures 3D measurements of hand

Security Cameras

Multiple 360 degree cameras with 10x zoom
High speed recorders with DV cassette tapes
Hard drives to eliminate down time for tape swaps and over recording
Minimum 30 day tape storage


TXU fault tolerant electrical grid
3000 amps of 480v input power – Riser A
3000 amps of 480v input power – Riser B
800 KVA MGE UPS Systems - Riser A
800 KVA MGE UPS Systems - Riser B
2.0 megawatt generator (5000 gallon tank) Riser A
2.0 megawatt generator (5000 gallon tank) Riser B

Two utility feeds from independent substations

Diverse paths to the building
Feeds to building are encased in concrete
Fed from two independent substations
Separate transformers fed from both utility sources for redundancy

HVAC cooling system

Data Center HVAC system includes (28) 30 Ton Liebert AHUs
Entire system is designed with N+2 redundancy
Liebert Leak Detect System

Network facilities - Main Node Room

Multiple fiber providers for diversity - provides diversity and redundancy
Each vendor can deliver additional bandwidth capacity with minimal turn-around time
Can be delivered using existing "lit" fiber
Fiber pathways into the Data Center are truly diverse
Fiber enters building in steel conduit from multiple points in the building

The DataBank network: AS13767

Our network architecture utilizes Foundry and Cisco carrier class routing and switching equipment to provide a Highly Redundant and Highly Available Multi-Homed Internet Aggregation Hub. We utilize Foundry RX16 and Cisco 6500 series switches and routers in our network to provide up to 3.84 Tbps of switching and routing capacity. This coupled with multiple Gigabit trunks from multiple Internet service providers makes DataBank�s IP Hub one of the most robust in the industry.

Network features include:

3.84 Tbps of switching and routing capacity designed for the needs of Enterprise and carrier-class customers
Multiple Gigabit Ethernet backbone trunks
Core network is designed for "zero" packet loss
Embedded sFlow per port supports scalable hardware-based traffic monitoring across all switch ports
without impacting performance
Multi-Homed Internet Providers

Internet Service Providers

2 Gbps Direct Fiber – Level 3 AS3356
2 Gbps Direct Fiber – Savvis AS3561
2 Gbps Direct Fiber – Sprint AS1239
2 Gbps Direct Fiber – Time Warner AS4323
2 Gbps Direct Fiber – Broadwing AS16852


59000 square feet of space in its three operation centers. The total area is comprised of datacenter floors and office floors to accommodate all of its 90 employees working in the sales, marketing, software development, billing, finance, customer service, datacenter services and network infrastructures areas.

datacenters feature multiple access protected zones Each datacenter partition is designed specifically for the type of hosting services it will shelter.

data centers are equipped with a wide range of security, power management, cooling and network access equipment. Biometric sensors, security cameras and secure access are the first items encountered on-site. In addition to thousands of servers, power regulation systems, diesel generators and air conditioning systems are vital aspects of the facilities. All these infrastructures are totally controlled and managed by support team of hosting infrastructures experts.

Connectivity to the Internet is assured by multiple black fibers getting into the buildings' telco rooms through diverse entry points. Multi-gigabit connectivity is used to link datacenters to each other and to connect upstream providers to local network.

This datacenter's network is linked to important upstream suppliers that connect to hundreds of exchange partners which assures a constant Internet connection and superior routing. Bottom line: increased Internet efficiency and 100% availability guaranteed. Whether it is through our High Quality or our Unmetered network, access to your services will be uninterrupted.

100% Uptime
Your choice : High Quality or Unmetered
Congestion-free network
Over 50 Gbps Capacity

We understand that network uptime is crucial for your valuable online presence and this is why entire network is fully redundant. From the Cisco routing equipments to the upstream bandwidth providers, there is no single point of failure.

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